Amazing Louis Vuitton Kimono Monogram Replica

The LV Kimono is an intriguingly graphic tote that steals the show with a magnetic combination of Monogram canvas and fine calf leather. But its design is so much more than just a nice balance of contrasting materials. Its design is captivating because it blends two very powerful motifs. One is the V-signature logo that has its origins in a classic Louis Vuitton advertisement from the ’65s and the other is the Japanese Kimono robe, a cultural symbol that emphasizes beauty and elegance.

I am absolutely crazy about its unique design,it is not very big, but it is not small either. It is just right for carrying it every day to work, shopping or to social events. You can also put a lot of things inside. Due to its generous proportions, the purse is quite spacious and practical. Plus, its carefully studied construction allows ideal weight distribution so that it feels lighter when it’s full.

Sharing more details:

Just like the authentic one, the LV Kimono fake bag is manufactured from Monogram canvas and high quality calf leather. I was really impressed with the materials used to make this bag as these are quite good and superior to what is used on most replicas. When you touch and hold the bag it feels very authentic and sturdy. The leather and the canvas are quite thick and stiff allowing the bag to stand tall and not make unflattering creases. Given the fact that this is a very graphic bag, I think that this aspect is very important. Another thing that tells you that this is a very good replica is the fact that it actually has that nice smell of real leather. It doesn’t have the strong chemical odor that some poor quality replicas have.

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