Chic And Fashionable!Gucci Signature Mini Bag

Today I’m going to introduce you a easy and chic mini bag of Gucci.Gucci Signature Mini Bag–it’s called signature because of the heated debossed GG Supreme is found all over the bag, which gives it a more defined print with a solid texture and this feature is comparable to quilting as it is both chic and fashionable!

It has six card slots and one flat zip pocket to hold all your essentials. It also has slim shoulder strap so you can always carry it on your shoulder or cross body way, transform it into a practical Wallet On Chain bag.

The mini bag comes with gold hardware that has been very nicely polished. I like very much the elegant shine of the gold parts used on the Kimono tote and I think that it is an excellent choice for augmenting the elegant personality of the bag.

The color of this bag is notable, there are three colors,pink,red and black,if let me choose one of them,the black one is cool and perfect to flaunt.

Sharing more colors and images:

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