The Preview Of The Rainbow Chanel Boy Bags Spring 2018

Once there was a Chanel Bag let me in a heartbeat  for the first time it debuted with Cruise 2017. Today I’m going to reveal its new version.Nothing special changed,it is still beautiful and fascinating.

What’s the first feeling this bag brings to you?For me,when I saw it, I was inexplicable joyfull,the version of this classic boy bag of course no need to explain more,also nothing to be surprised,but the color is the reason I loved.Are these gorgeous coloful colors will not make you feel like breathing in spring wind with happiness?

The first versions of these colorful bags debuted with Cruise 2017.Chanel just dropped its Pre-Collection Spring 2018 lineup, which we’ll be covering in complete detail early next week, but while thumbing through it, we noticed two things we needed to tell you about immediately. First, Chanel has revisited one of its most popular Boy Bag colorways of recent seasons, the dreamy rainbows of Chanel Cuba Cruise 2017.Second, there’s a new size of Boy Bag available: the Mini, which is the smallest available in the lineup so far.

We covered the original rainbow Boy Bags closely when they debuted, and when collections hit stores, they sold out almost instantly. This new version of the bags uses softer, paler colors to achieve a similar effect. From what we know, the colorway comes in three sizes: Medium, Small and Mini.

As we mentioned, the Mini is new for Pre-Collection Spring 2018, and it’s the smallest of Boy Bag ever. The current Small measures a little over 7 inches wide, while the new Mini clocks in at 5.9 inches and $3,100 for the rainbow version. The size will present an issue for owners of certain phones, so you might want to measure carefully.

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