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Now many brands are competing to run early spring vacation series show,most shows are over already.This shows that brands are really like to compare.

Of course, the best and longest vacation series show have done belongs to Chanel, every year will choose a different city to release.This bag to be played today is also from the early spring vacation series, the theme of this time is the origin of art and beauty–Ancient Greece.In order to cater to this theme,many bags designed in detail are very Greek.I think today’s bag I’m going to show you is more prominent.

Chanel Owl Embellished Minaudiere Bag Black/Gold A94658 Cruise 2018

Owl with olive branch is a symbol of the city Athens. The patterns on this ancient Athens silver coin, the metaphor of wisdom in mythology, are now appearing on the evening bag of this season.It is a very interesting concept.Not only full of exotic,but also in line with the show’s theme.

The bag is acrylic material which will seem very shiny, cylindrical body design highlight the texture. The most eyecatching are the eyes of owl–composing of shiny diamond  in them. The Chanel classic double C logo above the opening,with the pattern design integration.



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